Sponsor a second chance for pets

Your support will help homeless pets get the care and attention they need, for as long as it takes to find them new homes.

By sponsoring a second chance from just £10 a month, you’ll get to see first-hand how your support is helping homeless pets to find happy new homes.

Over 125 years

Blue Cross has been helping sick, injured, abandoned and homeless pets for more than 125 years.

30,000 pets

Last year, thanks to people like you we were able to help more than 30,000 pets.

120,000 pets

With your support, we’ll be able to make sure that we help more than 120,000 pets over the next three years.

The difference you'll make

We find homes for homeless cats, dogs, small pets and horses. Your donations will help our dedicated teams give pets the care they need, until they find new homes. Watch our video to find out how.

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What you’ll receive

We’ll post you a welcome pack, and email you four times a year with behind the scenes updates of pets enjoying second chances, thanks to people like you. You’ll also get our supporter magazine ‘For Pets’ twice a year.


How we helped Elsa

“We were shocked when Elsa arrived in our care. Her condition was so severe that she had almost no fur left on her body.”

Read Elsa’s full story here
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Where your money goes

We do all we can to keep costs as low as possible. This means that 71p of every pound we receive is spent on helping pets. For every £1 we spend on our fundraising we receive £5.38 back to reinvest in helping even more pets.

How we help pets


Every year we help thousands of homeless pets get the support they need and the second chance they deserve, in a loving new home.


Each year we give veterinary care to over 30,000 pets. We treat homeless pets in our care, and help pets when their owners can’t afford private treatment.


We lobby the government to make changes to the law, that will have a positive impact on pets’ lives, and improve pet welfare.

Information and advice

We provide advice to millions of pet owners, and we work with young people to educate and inspire the animal lovers of the future.

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