Tiny kitten found in hotel roof

Bernard was taken in by one of our foster carers

Thank goodness someone heard him. At just four days old, tiny Bernard was found in the roof void of a hotel, crying his little heart out – with no mum in sight.

Far too young to be alone, one of our wonderful foster carers took him home and worked round-the-clock to feed him the milk he needed to grow into a strong, healthy boy.

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Vanessa Margrave, Animal Welfare Assistant at our Burford rehoming centre in Oxfordshire, had to hand feed him every two hours – including through the night – to make sure he stayed alive.

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She said: “He was the size of a hamster when I picked him up, so tiny. He was dizzy and hungry, but strong. But at four days old, he needed milk every two hours."

“He lived in a special tank beside my bed and came everywhere with me. He was very well travelled! It’s tiring work hand-rearing kittens, but so rewarding.”

“He lived in a special tank beside my bed and came everywhere with me."

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He soon grew into a friendly, inquisitive boy who loved nothing more than a snooze on Vanessa’s lap after a good play session. And now he’s found a forever home where he continues to entertain with his cheeky-chappy ways.

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